About Not So Ugly Duckings SEO

Not So Ugly Ducklings is run by Desirae Rasmussen who is an entreprenur, mom of four and has many years experince with web design and SEO.

About Desirae

Hi, I’m Desirae and I am terrible at writing about myself, but I am sure that is something many of you can relate to. I am 32 years old and had my very first website at the age of 13 (way back in the Geocities and Angelfire days…). Ever since learning HTML at that point, I have always loved all things to do with web design and the internet. I was that nerdy girl in school who helped set up the computer lab… those were the days. Now I am married, have 4 kids and many hobbies and projects. One thing that has stayed with me my entire life is a love for helping others and I try my very best to instill that in business practice.


SEO & WordPress Experince

I began blogging using WordPress when I moved to Denmark from Canada 11 years ago. Not long after I started building and designing my own themes. Naturally, SEO is something has developed within those years, and I have tried to keep myself updated with the newest techniques.

In addition to this, I have worked with multiple companies that work with Google at creating their search engine better. A big part of this is SEO. You can say I almost have an inside look at what makes the cut and what doesn’t. WordPress is a great platform for when it comes to SEO and there are some great plugins that make it simple, but still effective. I love educating people about this, as I believe basic SEO is something everyone can do. 

My Other Projects

I am one of those people who have a ton of stuff on the go. Below are links to my other websites and projects.

Not So Ugly Ducklings

My personal blog where I write about my family, life in Denmark, and whatever feels right at the moment.

Mini Backdrops

My vinyl backdrop business, which has been now closed down. However the blog is still live with new content about running a small business and photography tips regularly.

The Equine Soul

A personal project where I am blogging about my journey with horses.

Den Hele Ekvipage

My other full-time job. I am the project manager, web designer, video producer and editor, Podcast editor, social media marketer, and head of all marketing.